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Ambulance Facility Replacement

The Cambria Community Healthcare District Board of Directors is exploring the feasibility of upgrading its facility serving the area in and around Harmony, Cambria, and San Simeon. As revealed in a recent professional facility assessment report, the current buildings are beyond their useful lifespan and are not economically feasible for retrofitting. To meet the needs of our mission... of providing advanced life support ambulance services to the community’s residents, workers, and visitors, the District is considering replacing the building with one that is suitable for use as an ambulance station compliant with current standards for health, safety, and security for this essential services facility. The property located at 2515/2535 Main Street is well over 60 years old and was not originally designed as an ambulance facility, but rather professional offices. While it is currently functioning as an ambulance station, it is seriously inadequate and doubtful as to its continued use on a long-term basis. The project would help ensure the reasonable sustainability of the much-appreciated services provided by our EMTs and Paramedics. Their safety and security are of primary concern for the CCHD Board of Directors and it is hoped that community support will continue in this important endeavor. 

CCHD Facility Project FlyerFacility Project ad hoc Committee Nov 30 2022.pdfTopo Map.pdfSite and Drainage.pdfSite plan idea.pdf