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Fall Prevention Tips

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 Fall Prevention Tips

By Michelle Zulim-Clark and Dawn Kulesa


Most of the time, falls and accidents don’t just happen, yet more than one in four people aged 65 years or older fall each year. Besides slowing down and paying extra attention to where we are walking, maintaining overall health is crucial in reducing the risk of falling. Here are a few tips to prevent falls and minimize the risk of serious injuries. 


Ensure that you engage in regular physical activity to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Focus on exercises that enhance lower body strength and stability.


 Fall-proof your home by removing tripping hazards such as loose rugs, clutter, and cords. Install grab bars in the bathroom, especially near the toilet and shower, and

use non-slip mats in the bathroom and on slippery floors.


 Focus on having proper lighting throughout the home, especially in hallways, staircases, and entryways. Try using nightlights in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways to prevent falls during the night. Some nightlights have motion sensors that light immediately when you walk into the room, providing instant lighting to the area.


Make sure you have proper footwear, such as shoes that fit correctly and have non-skid soles. Try to avoid walking in socks or slippers on slippery surfaces. Trim toenails regularly and address foot issues promptly


 Use assistive devices like canes, walking sticks or walkers to provide more stable balance. Ensure that these devices are properly fitted and in good condition.


Implementing a combination of these strategies can significantly reduce the risk of falls. It's important to tailor interventions based on individual needs and health conditions. If there are specific health concerns, consultation with healthcare professionals is advisable.


The  County of SLO Public Health Department provides Fall Prevention services. They offer a variety of resources, including free home safety assessments for fall prevention.


To request a fall prevention assessment for your home, visit this website for more information: or contact Health Education Specialist Michelle Zulim-Clark at 805-781-1561,