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Disclosure of Reimbursement for Employyes

Travel/Training Expenses –
Full-time employees of the District are required to attend training
seminars throughout the year to keep their skills and knowledge
current. For public safety personnel, the District will pay any tuition
and accommodation expenses incurred as a result of attending a
management pre-approved, accredited training seminar and
provided such training does not exceed the minimum continuing
education hour requirement established by the State EMSA. Meal
Per Diem shall not be applied to an extended seminar or continuing
education attendance.

Purchase Reimbursement –
If an employee personally pays for a District expense due to
convenience and with prior authorization, then a General Claim
form shall be completed with an attached receipt. A check will be
disbursed at the next check run to cover the expense.

Mileage Reimbursements –
Employees using their private vehicles for District business,
approved by management, are to be reimbursed as follows:
(a) In accordance with the Federal Mileage Reimbursement Rate, as
established with the budget currently in effect.
(b) General Claim form must be completed and submitted.
(c) Gas-only flat fee for long-distance training or District related
business upon presentation of a completed General Claim Form
with gas receipts and miles driven.
(d) No reimbursements will be honored for in-county travel by private
vehicle unless approved by the Administrator.

Meal Per Diem –
On long-distance transports, business travel, or other events,
subject to management approval, a meal per diem will be allotted to
the employee as follows: $10.00 for breakfast (0600 hrs to 0800
hrs), $15.00 for lunch (1100 hrs to 1300 hrs), and $20.00 for dinner
(1700 hrs to 1900 hrs). Insofar as possible, per diem disbursements
CCHD Policy Manual Rev. 2/2021
shall be made in advance subsequent to the completion of a General Claim Form.