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CERT Classes

The CERT training program is a hands on training course consisting of five evening classes, each about 3 hours in length.


May contain: person, human, shoe, footwear, clothing, apparel, and machine
  • Orientation and General Overview Earthquake Awareness
  • Preparation/Emergency Supplies
  • Hazard Awareness/Mitigation



May contain: person, human, and tire
  • Disaster Fire Suppression
  • Extinguish a Real Fire using a Fire Extinguisher
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Terrorism



May contain: person and human


  • Disaster Medicine
  • Care of Minor Injuries
  • Triage - How to Decide Who to Treat and When How to Lift Patients
  • Disaster Psychology




  • Light Search and Rescue Techniques



May contain: clothing, apparel, person, human, and helmet
  • Team Response and Coordination
  • Exterior Building Searches
  • Interior Building Searches
  • Filling Sandbags
  • Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Learn to Lift Large / Heavy Objects
  • Practice Emergency Medical Techniques