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New Facility Project

An Ambulance Facility for the 21st Century

Did you know?

The Cambria Community Healthcare District operates our community's ambulance and emergency medical services?

The CCHD facility located at 2515 Main Street is 65 years old and no longer provides a safe and healthy work environment for our EMS crew or staff?

  • The CCHD facility does not meet current County or State building codes and standards for:
    • Fire sprinklers
    • Electrical and plumbing systems
    • Heating, ventilation and cooling systems
    • Hazardous materials such as asbestos
    • ADA Accessibility
    • Building security for crews and medications
  • Ambulances are parked outdoors causing:
    • Accelerated body rust
    • Increased repair costs
    • Shortened service life
    • Unsecured parking of expensive emergency response vehicles
What Can We Do Together to Provide a 21st Century Solution? 
  • Build a replacement ambulance facility to last 50+ years:
    • House FOUR ambulances securely
    • Provide large, heated triage and evacuation area
    • Meet all building codes and standards
    • Provide whole-facility solar power with battery backup
    • On-site fuel storage and dispensing
The Cost 

Approximately $10 per $100,000 assessed property value annually for a 30 to 32-year bond.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the old facility and hear from building experts, ambulance crew, and community members on why the new ambulance facility is needed.

CCHD 10.09.22 FINAL PowerPoint Presentation .pdf
For More Info Contact 

The CCHD values community input. Please direct your questions or comments to
Laurie Mileur at or phone (805) 927-8304.