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The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), unique in San Luis Obispo County, is an auxiliary service of the Cambria Community Healthcare District.  The team provides practical and emotional support to those patients requiring emergency medical care and to their families.  The team is also supported by fund-raising and private donations, and there is no fee for its services.CIT Information Table Image


Established in September, 1994, this team of dedicated volunteers has responded to more than 150 medical emergencies.  Their professional, sensitive and caring support has included notifications of a death or critical injury, both in person and by telephone; transportation of patients and/or family to and from hospitals; arranging for child or adult care; or any other activity that assists with the practical or emotional needs of those dealing with a traumatic situation.

Team Members

The professional and personal experiences of CIT volunteers are diverse: students, nurses, emergency medical, law enforcement, fire fighters, counselors, social workers, business owners, and other skilled professionals.  Yet, each person goes through an extensive specialized intervention training program prior to becoming active CIT members.  The volunteers are required to attend monthly training sessions which cover such subjects as family dynamics, grief counseling, conflict resolution, listening skills, CPR and first aid, scene safety and proper deployment at major events, including traffic accidents, fires and ocean rescues.  Caring for one's own personal safety is a high priority and is continually stressed.




The Crisis Intervention Team, available 24 hours a day every day, will normally respond to an incident when they have received a request from on-scene emergency personnel (ambulance, law enforcement or fire personnel).  Responding in pairs, they strive to be on-scene in less than 20 minutes to minimize the emotional stress to those involved.  Should the situation require additional CIT members they will be dispatched to assist.  The volunteers will remain with the family or patient as long as needed, which is typically until other family members arrive and a support system is in place.  A follow-up call is made within 24 hours of the completion of the CIT involvement to determine if additional help is needed or if a referral is required to one of the many County resources for professional or long term support.  A list of these agencies is periodically updated and reviewed and available to all members.


For additional information, please call 805-927-8304, or by CLICKING HERE




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